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Orlando Villas for Sale

Buying a villa in Orlando

Compared to the UK buying a home in Orlando is relatively simple. There are more than 12,000 vacation homes on developments & gated communities close to Disney and most are owned by UK residents. Florida attracts more than 44 million tourists each year and is the most visited city in the world.

Under Florida law, all that is required for a legally binding sales contract is a signed written agreement plus goodfaith deposit. It is therefore possible to 'Exchange Contracts 'straight away with a Seller and virtually eliminate any possibility of your chosen property being sold elsewhere. Most written Sales contracts are conditional and you will have ample time to arrange financing, survey the property and approve legal work. If your loan is denied or the house does not pass inspection, you may withdraw without penalty. There can be any number of conditions in the contract but essentially all elements of the sale should be in writing to avoid dispute.

Realtors, Brokers and Salespersons

In the United States the vast majority of sellers and buyers use Realtors or Brokers to assist them when selling or buying a home. Why?...because (unlike the U.K.) in the United States all real estate transactions, except private sales, are highly regulated. Furthermore, all persons brokering real estate, except private sellers or builders selling their own homes, must be licensed. As in the UK, the Seller typically pays sales commissions. It will cost you no more to have a Realtor guide you through the sale process. Finally, All Realtors 'share' their homes via the Multiple Listing Service. You need only to appoint one in order to have access to the vast majority of homes on the market

There are many homes to choose from, both new and pre-owned, with most UK buyers choosing to buy new because of the peace of mind offered by Guarantees (which come as standard). Lower repair costs and freedom to choose colour schemes and furnishings are seen as other reasons to buy new. New homes generally come with a full 12 months warranty on ALL items supplied, including swimming pool, air conditioning/heating and appliances such as washer, dryer, fridge/freezer, dishwasher and microwave. For the first two years all plumbing and electrical work is warranted and the building carries a 10 year structural warranty. These Guarantees and Warranties may not be in place when you buy a resale home and could prove to be costly if you have future problems. By contrast, the advantage of buying a resale home is that you may save money on the purchase. Some of the most popular areas for short-term rentals are the well-established subdivisions where no further homes are being built. However,you will have to weigh up the options and decide which is right for you!

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Orlando Villas for Sale
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