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Orlando Villas for Sale

Buying a Villa in Orlando

The good news is that compared with most European countries - including Britain - the actual purchase process in Florida is quite simple. The legal aspects of home buying in Florida do not require each party to appoint and pay their own Legal Advisor. However, we advise all clients to utilize the services of a combined Attorney/ Title Guarantee Corporation - we will instruct the Title Company to act on your behalf.

From our vast experience gained over many years, we have concluded that location is all-important, especially if it is your intention to offset rental income against expenses on your investment.

Do not accept verbal assurances from sales persons that short-term rentals are permitted unless you see it for yourself in the Covenants & Restrictions of the development. Many developments and even whole Counties expressly prohibit short-term rentals in private pool homes. We will guide you through this potentially hazardous area and ensure your chosen home is zoned correctly.

We will arrange appointments with an independent Mortgage Broker. This way you can be assured that everyone is working in your best interest.

Although Florida villas feature high specifications as standard (carpets, landscaping, cooker, dishwasher etc. usually included) be careful about ordering expensive builder options that may not actually increase the value or rentability of the home.

Every location we recommend for rental homes is fully zoned for that purpose by Developer and County. We can help you select a development that offers the best prospects for long-term capital growt

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Orlando Villas for Sale
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