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Orlando Villas Management Services

If you are contemplating buying an Orlando Villa you will most certainly require the services of a local company to manage and possibly to rent out the property in your absence.

Your management company will perform many important functions, all designed to maintain your property to the highest standards while ensuring your peace of mind.

The following is a quick explanation of the functions performed:

Properties which are intended to participate in a short term rental programs must be properly licensed with the Department of Regulation, Division of Hotels and Restaurants and a Florida State Agency. An annual fee will be charged. In addition, the State of Florida will inspect each rental home before issuing the license.

1. A “2A40BC” fire extinguisher.
2. Additional smoke alarm for the hearing impaired.
3. All exterior doors, including the glass sliding doors, will need a double locking system.
4. A rate card must be on file and maintained in the management company office
5. Smoke alarms in all sleeping areas, i.e. bedrooms and living areas, and they must be inter connected.

In addition to the property taxes that every homeowner has to pay a tax based on the gross rents received must be collected for any rentals of 180 days or less. This tax is made up of :

1. A 5-6% Tourist Development or Resort Tax
2. A 6-7% State of Florida Sales Tax Total: 11-13% of gross rentals. Normally these taxes are charged on top of the rents and paid by the tenants - much the same as would take place with a hotel

Taxes are collected and submitted to the appropriate agencies on a monthly basis in compliance with the law. You are also assured that you are properly registered. Sales Resort Tax is collected and paid on the rental income generated from your property. It is the responsibility of the owner to declare the rental income achieved on Owner Bookings and to pay the relevant tourist tax.

All owners of rental properties must have a current homeowners’ insurance policy in effect. It is recommended that one million dollars of liability coverage be purchased along with the standard homeowners’ policy. The costs depend on the size of the home, location and type of construction.

The following is a list of the property maintenance services usually performed by your management company.

  • 1. Lawn Service - Complete maintenance of the entire lawn area including grass mowing, trimming, watering and fertilization.
  • 2. Pool Service - Complete cleaning of the pool, pool traps, pump traps and pump filters. In addition, the water is chlorinated and pH balanced.
  • 3. Pest Control - The chemical treatment of the interior and exterior of the home for the elimination of all types of insects. This is a normal and recommended service for all Florida homes.
  • 4. Home Cleaning Service -The complete cleaning of home linens, towels, bedcovers and dishes following the checkout of a renter. An inventory is performed at this time checking for damages, if necessary, the renters damage deposit is charged.
  • 5. Maintenance – Scuff marks on the wall, small spots on the carpet, minor damage to dishes, etc. are considered “normal wear and tear”. Most often, these types of things can be corrected and there is no charge to the renter or the homeowner. However, occasionally there is a need for major maintenance.

The home owner will in most cases open an account at a local U.S. bank for such purposes as direct payment of their mortgage and transfer of funds between the Property Management Company and the home owner.

All prices, offers and plans are subject to change without notice!
We hold no responsibility for the prices displayed within our website.
All information displayed is received from the developer.

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