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Common Questions for Orlando Buyers

Before considering the purchase of a home, you must determine the purpose of the home. Will it be only a holiday home? If so, will you rent out the property when it is not being used by your family, friends or yourself. How important is that rental income?

The payment amount of the initial deposit will vary from builder to builder. Most will require a $5,000 at contract stage. A deposit will enable you to write the contract, thus fixing the price and protecting your chosen "lot" or home from a price increase. 10% of the purchase price is required 30 days after the initial deposit, at which time the Builder will begin construction, the balance of the monies being due on completion.

Many are concerned about hidden extras and have heard stories about buyers being saddled with unexpected charges for closing costs long after it has become too late to withdraw from the purchase. Closing costs comprise of several elements, many of which are stamp duties payable on various documents but the biggest expense is usually applicable to the mortgage. Some builders will make a substantial contribution to closing costs. If a US mortgage is not required some builders will offer a cash discount. Finally, if the property is being managed and rented out, you will need additional money for escrow, lodging license, fire extinguisher and security bolts.

Questions have been raised about rental restrictions imposed within the Disney area. Three counties have different sets of rules. Orange County did, some time ago, bring in regulations forbidding rentals of less than 30 days. This does not mean that a property owner cannot rent their house; only that each rental must be for a minimum of 30 days. However, the number of rental agreements in any year could not be more than 12 at the most and so a property in Orange County may not be the best place to maximize rental income.

Osceola County now has rental restrictions in place. However, the position is very different from Orange County. Authorities have created exceptions and exclusions to protect the large number of investors who have already purchased houses in the county and the large number who continue to do so.

Consequently and without going too deeply into what are fairly complex provisions, many developments have effectively been excluded from the restrictions rendering them communities from which short-term rental activities are allowed.

Polk County and Lake County are developing relatively fast. Therefore further investment is being encouraged.

It is essential that a prospective buyer obtain advice as to the suitability of the property / development and the use of which it is intended. Rental restrictions should be carefully evaluated and understood. We will gladly provide you with advise guiding you safely and expertly throughout your selection process.

The availability of resale Property changes daily. We will be happy to include a tour of appropriate resale properties within your viewing program should this be of interest to you.

Most builders will build one or more spec homes in anticipation of a buyer wishing to buy a house that is ready to occupy. This is a great way to see the finished product before completing the purchase. The inventory obviously varies on a regular basis, but we will be happy to show you the current availability.

While Florida property purchases can often be financed from one's home country, US mortgages will frequently be more attractive and are readily available subject to approval.

We have companies listed, small and large, in all types of industry. We provide a free confidential business analysis for businesses and commercial properties up to 25 million dollars.

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