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Relocating to Orlando, Florida

Many UK residents would love to sell up and move to Florida but do not realize how realistic and achievable this is.

Florida is the state most visited by Brits and is the most popular place to move to in the US. There are several important factors you must be aware of when considering your move and we will endeavor to provide you with sound guidelines. Remember we cannot begin to tell you all you need to know in this short article so please always consult a Licensed Business Broker who will help you through the process

There are hundreds of businesses for you to choose from with prices ranging from $40,000 to $millions, not all of these businesses will be suitable for you and not all of them will enable you to qualify for a visa. You may wish to continue in the line of work for which you have been trained, or you may want a complete change. Whatever you wish to do there is a business waiting for you in Florida and a licensed business broker will help and protect you.

Many Brits have successfully moved to Florida to enjoy a fantastic lifestyle which can only be found in this beautiful state. Follow our guidelines and make your own dream come true! If you would like to view a list of schools and colleges in Florida

Select your broker and work with him/her to find a suitable business, once you have found what you want you will enter into negotiations to discuss price, terms, real estate, lease conditions or relocation of the business. Many owners will help you to finance the business if you have a sizeable deposit, we suggest you look for these owners. If the owner is willing to provide you with a loan on his existing business it is a sign of his confidence that the business is good and that you are the person to operate it. Commercial finance is not available to NON US citizens, greencard holders or if you have not resided there long enough to build up credit.

This is the government agency that will determine whether or not your investment/business meets the requirements for residency. We cannot stress how important it is that your application is submitted correctly, any errors and you go back to the beginning, your move could be delayed by months or even years.

The selection of your business broker is most important, he/she should be someone who is reputable with whom you feel comfortable, his/her role is to find you a suitable business which meets your requirements and will satisfy the INS (immigration and naturalization service) guidelines for your future residency. Always appoint a broker who is knowledgeable in ALL of these aspects, any broker can sell you a business but if it does not qualify for residency status you could end up wasting lots of time and more importantly... money! Your broker will will be able to find hundreds of businesses and will represent you in any negotiations. Make sure he/she is a member of the FBBA (Florida Business Brokers Association) and is properly licensed to represent you.

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